The first power bank was invented by the Chinese company Pisen and it was nicknamed Power King. Going into its history, it is known that the power bank was created at the request of an expedition team that was going to the Antarctic on a mission. They had requested for chargers that were portable so that they could keep their various devices like video cameras while they are travelling. The necessity for such a device was there because of the extremely cold climatic conditions that would play with the battery life of their various devices. 

From then on the journey of the power bank began, and now many companies including Pisen are managing power bank bulk orders. The first power bank came into existence in 2001 with the original device comprising two AA batteries that were connected by a circuit. It was very bulky by nature and naturally had a short life because of it being in its nascent stage.


The Purpose Of Power Banks

You have a battery-powered electronic device that suddenly goes out of life in the middle of nowhere. Now, what are you supposed to do? The answer is extremely simple. You just need to connect your device to a power bank which is easily available online.  If you have multiple devices then you can place a power bank bulk order online and get some attractive discounts from the retailers. 

The main purpose of a power bank is to bring your electronic device back to life with the energy supply that is stored in it. It is so small that it can easily fit into your pocket but its capacities are also low. If you have a larger power bank it might be a bit bulkier. They are capable enough to charge your tablets, cell phones, laptops and speakers. Make sure, you must check the charging time and battery capacity of such power banks before you place a power bank bulk order.

The Various Types Of Power Banks Available With Suppliers

Power banks come in various shapes, sizes and capacities nowadays. But no matter what you require you get power bank bulk order supplies when you contact the wholesaler or the manufacturer. There are many choices that you can look at before placing your orders. When you want to order your power bank make sure about the battery life of the device and its capacity. Check out the two forms of lifetimes like the charge-discharge cycles and the self-discharge time.

How To Get Power Banks In Bulk?

Placing power bank bulk orders is not an impossible task nowadays. It is all thanks to the internet. One click of your mouse and you are loaded with names of suppliers who can cater for bulk orders. But before you place your bulk orders it is always best to read online reviews about the supplier.

Also before you place your power bank bulk order, make sure about the type of power bank that you would require. Read about their features and what purpose they can serve. Their lifetime and other benefits must also be examined and researched before you can place your orders. 

How To Decide For Your Bulk Orders?

Yes, this is a very good question. Placing power bank bulk orders requires a lot of money. So before you invest a huge amount for buying such power bank in bulk, you must check the online reputation of such retailers. There should be no intermittent delay as that might hamper your own business as well. 

But placing power bank bulk orders is not very easy as it sounds. You have to take quotations from various companies and suppliers. Compare the best rates and then place your orders. Shortlist the suppliers based on various factors. Discount is one thing you must ask for if you want bulk quantities.