Decorating a rental property can sometimes become stressful. This is because you would have personalized the property without making any permanent changes. The extent of changes you are allowed to make inside the property depends on the preference of your landlords. While some allow for changes like wall paint, others would not allow even the slightest change from its original state. Thus, you should clear it out with the landlord about the decorations you are allowed to do inside the rental premises.

Experienced letting agents Hornchurch explains that most landlords do not want any permanent changes to the property by the tenants. Keeping that in mind, we have curated some effective tips to help you decorate your home. Keep reading this article to know in detail.


There is nothing called too many houseplants. Indoor plants can add a great character to your home and bring your space to life. It can give a great boost to your mood and overall health. You can keep normal plants or flowering plants of any size, according to available space and your preferences.

Statement Rug

A statement rug can change the overall look of a dull and uninteresting room. It would also help to keep your floor space intact. Go for rugs with your favourite patterns and colours, this is one of the best ways to showcase your personality. While choosing the rug, consider factors like the available space and furniture layout. If unsure, go for something on the larger side, and avoid anything too small.

Light Fixtures

Doing something as simple as changing a light fixture or adding a lampshade can change the entire ambience of your room. Go for lamps that are a statement piece, it will make changes for a difference. You can add table lamps to your bedroom and some dreamy lights to get that ambient glow during the evening. It would change the property's overall appearance in a way you might not have imagined.

Multifunctional Furniture

Experienced letting agents Hornchurch suggests that you should always buy multifunctional furniture while living in a rental property. This will help you save money and space, and you will be able to transform a given room according to your needs. Go for smart and aesthetically pleasing furniture that would suffice your needs. If you have less space, go for stackable furniture that you can fold and store easily.


Finally, to personalize the space, you can hang artwork, photographs, and paintings of your choice. It will give the space a cosy, comfortable, and homely feel. It is important to know how to decorate a rental property without making permanent changes. You want to make the most of the space and want it to look aesthetically pleasing to your tenants, but also need it to be in line with the property you are renting. You can use a lot of the same tricks and tips that interior designers use to make spaces look cohesive without making them permanent.

These are some top tips for decorating and personalising your rental property without making any permanent changes. These are affordable and efficient ways of making the rented house your own space.