A lot of couples are under pressure to choose the ideal ring to mark the beginning of a very special moment in their lives. While there are many factors to take into account, selecting the right material and type for the wedding ring that best suits your lifestyle and personality is one of the most important thing. Custom made wedding rings are trending these days. 

You have the following options to choose from


For a good reason, gold has not only been the most popular and traditional metal for wedding but for engagement rings as well. With this metal, you have a wide range of possibilities, including white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Despite being the epicentre of luxury, It also offers durability: You might believe that the larger the karat, the better, but that isn't always the case when it comes to the durability of your ring.

"24-karat (solid gold) is so delicate that gems can simply fall out, and it can be easily damaged or distorted," explains expert of the custom made wedding rings. Anything less than 24K is often an alloy with another metal, including copper, silver, or platinum, to create a ring that is stronger. 10k is the most lasting of the four most popular gold purity levels, but it also contains the least gold. If you choose white gold, remember that you could wish to rhodium coat it only once a year in an effort to maintain its vivid hue.


Platinum can be a luxurious option and is one of the stronger valuable metals while being one of the hardest metals in the world. The removal of platinum jewellery from the market to save the metal for use in war materials really led to the creation of white gold. The makers of the custom made wedding rings add that platinum is a fantastic choice and will firmly retain valuable stones in place for a lifetime. For this reason, platinum prongs are used in rings made of less sturdy metals, including white gold. This is so that platinum can withstand more dings, scratches, and wear.

Although it is one of the priciest metal options, the durability of its wear makes the hefty price worthwhile. Platinum bands hardly ever sustain damage from daily wear and tear, and the metal keeps its colour, so you won't have to repaint them or worry about their shine fading with time. Your jewellery can loose its polish if not maintained but that is not the case with this metal.


Adore the appearance of platinum but dislike the cost? Similar to platinum, palladium has a white colour and a shiny sheen. For somebody with an exercise routine which needs that mirror-like surface, it's still the best option, even though it's not nearly as durable. Added benefit is that it is comfortable and light. The drawbacks are that it does exhibit blemishes and can be challenging to resize, which could provide issues for someone hoping to maintain it for a lifetime in the future.

Silver plated

This long-lasting metal is used to create jewellery most frequently, it was formerly regarded as more precious than gold. Additionally, it has the best price on the current market. Similar to how pure gold is too soft for use on its own, sterling silver, another more durable substitute, is made by combining pure silver with copper and other metals. Amongst the most popular options for those looking for a luxurious look at a reduced price is the metal, with its history and glamorous appearance combined with its moon-like white tint.


Titanium was originally used for industrial uses but is now becoming more and more usable for men's rings and fashion apparel industry. It is not only exceedingly lightweight but also incredibly sturdy, making it ideal for someone who is not accustomed to wearing jewellery frequently. It can be curated into custom made wedding rings.

As per the experienced makers of the custom-made wedding rings, it is better to always research well before buying these kinds of item. You need match it with the personalities and characteristics of your loved one and make it a lifetime gift.