There are always a hundred things to know about someone before hiring them. But someone hiring a steel fabricator essentially needs not so many. Below are 6 things that you should look for in a steel fabricator.

Factor when looking for a steel fabrication service provider

Previous Work Done for Clients

You’ve probably read it everywhere - experience matters. We’re telling you the same, just the emphasis here is on asking your steel fabricator to tell you about their past projects. Looking at examples will widely help you understand the business's credibility. Plus, by listening to them explain the project, you can find out how well they know.

Experience & Certification of Individual Stakeholders

The fabricators hired by the company should be experienced and certified. Get to know the engineers, details, erectors, project managers, and everyone in between that will be contributing to your steel fabrication process.

Upon being asked for their past work, if the stakeholders refuse, then that’s a red flag. You must go looking for another steel fabrication company.

Their Expertise

There are a variety of processes in the steel fabrication industry with many huge and tiny differences. Every steel fabrication firm, big or small, has certain processes in which it has conducted most of its projects. Find out which processes your fabricator specializes in.

You will also want to find out whether the fabricator has worked most with the industrial, commercial, multi-high-rise, or mining and processing businesses.

Their Attention to Detail

One thing that will differentiate a good steel fabrication firm from an absolute no-no one is their attention to detail. The answer usually lies in the series of events they conduct before and after starting and completing on-site work. Their idealization & blueprint strategy has to be just as good as their core fabrication process. Ask for the order in which they are going to conduct the entire procedure, how long it would take, and what are they basing their estimate on. Sometimes a small issue may snowball into devastating results, so watch out for that.

The People of Contact

It’s important to get acquainted with the people you’re supposed to communicate with throughout the project. Watch out for extra sugary commitments. A fabricator confident enough about their ability will not need over-sweetening of words to convince you of anything. Get to know the project manager.

Remember that a steel fabrication business is usually of the type where a fabricator knows something that the erector may not. Their job roles are very different, so they’re to be approached in different situations. Also, ask them about their customer service policy to find out if it has what you’re looking for.

Is heir Workforce Really Available?

If the steel fabrication business tells you that they would be outsourcing workers, then a hundred more questions arise. What we mean by saying that is, do they have a capable workforce to work under your project for the determined time period, or are they partially occupied somewhere else? It’s not essentially a bad thing. Even in fact, it could be good because the efficiency of external workers is usually high. However, you still need to know their experience, certification, past projects, specialization, availability, and if they’re liable to communicate with you in case of emergency.


Finally, allow the steel fabrication business to visually inspect your site and ask you questions. Be friendly and cooperative. It’s a long way to work, and you may want to establish a good bonding with the fabricator as people tend to work the most for the people they love.